Nope! I’m not dead, dear bots!

I’m working quite hard last few months, I barely have time to my hobbies. But I’m not dead, and when I have time I work a little on it!! I got slapped in the face when the company’s IT I work for deleted all my personal files and uninstalled all programs that doesn’t belong to “company’s police” that were in the laptop I work… Bit me! So I bought a MacBook Air to do my own stuff and specially this projects!

In the go-kart area, as usual I’m facing problems with engine. For costs reason there’s a bunch guys here that uses the engine of the old Yamaha RD135, bit of smoke, lots of noise and lots of power above 7500rpm! I’ve heard some guys talking about 45hp… Sounds like too much for me compared to the original 16hp. But I wouldn’t say less then 25hp! Anyway… Here’s my last few laps last Sunday. At the time I had drove the whole day, so no more arms left!

And in the Arduino area, there’s one good news… I found a better magnetic sensor switch for the dashboard project. It’s exactly what I was looking for! Works the same way the others I already have, so no changes in the code. You can find here the link for DX. And this is what I’m talking about:

Hall effect sensor


Only exception is that the wires doesn’t seem so resistant. The idea is that it’s fixed, with almost no moves, except in the steering wheel, but I’ll mange to find a way keep it safe! 🙂