Houston we have a problem!!

Well… I’m pretty sure that no one will read this, but let’s keep it just for record…

Two weeks ago the engine of my go-kart opened a hole at the piston and cut the “head” of the spark because of too poor mixture. I must say that it’s not funny when this happen at 100 km/h in a small piece of metal (the go-kart :)), the engine got stuck and you start spinning around… Some pictures of what happened inside:

983860_456821574410488_1856808364_n  Spark

I needed one whole sunday to open the engine (thanks God it’s a simple 2 stroke) and fix the damages, but was ok…

So last saturday I went to track again to test and have fun… And this happened ok the whole day… In the end of the day my brother in law was driving when the gearbox broke. It is not his fault, the gearbox was “telling” us that this was going to happen soon. At leas happened in the end of the day!

I was planning to start doing some stuffs with the hall effect and temperature sensors I bought for telemetry, but now I need to spend next days fixing the gearbox. I’m a little bit sad that I need to postpone Arduino stuff, but pretty excited to open the gear box and see what’s going on inside.

I did some tests with sensors today, just to learn… I’ll write about it later!

And to finalize a video made from a friend of mine driving my go-kart! Just for the record… I’m about 10 seconds faster than him… He doesn’t know how to shift gears well yet…

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