The beggining

Hello all!

The main purpose of this blog is to share with the world my experience in projects I’m doing. By now I have 2 projects, first one is some kind of telemetry system for my go-kart and the second one is an airplane model I’m building slowly (made of plastic bottles, I show some pictures later!).

Both projects are going to be done using Arduino, but I’m not planning to share my whole codes and I tell you why: you’ll lose all the fun and the knowledge if you easily copy and paste the source codes and use the same schematic that I’m using. Am I right? Of course I’ll share some tricks or how to solve some problems that I’ll have, that’s the purpose of internet, right?

Some words about me? Well… I’m a Brazilian guy (sorry about my bad English btw) graduated in computer network that works for an automation company. As a hobby I like to race go-karts and this year I was introduced to Arduino world then I decided to do by myself an airplane model and this telemetry for my go-kart. And no, I don’t have big knowledge with electronic stuff and/or Arduino. All that I know I found at Google or some friend helped me.

Hope you like it!


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